The Wacheseh Academy Record Management System

Welcome to the EDUCHESEH, Wacheseh Academy’s Record Management System. Educheseh is your ultimate solution for managing student data and streamlining school operations. Our Record Management System is designed to simplify administrative tasks and enhance the educational experience for students, teachers, and parents. Dive into the comprehensive features of our Recoed Management System and discover how it can transform your educational institution.

Functionalities of the Wacheseh Academy Student Information System (S.I.S)

  1. Admission Management

With Wacheseh Academy, you can make the most of the fully customizable admission forms already created for you. You can create public and private admission application forms to easily enroll new students or re-enroll registered students in new school periods in seconds. You may target different audiences of applicants with student and guardian-oriented admission forms and serve your growing school community the best possible way right from the beginning.

2. Financial Management

Get a snapshot of your finances on the main page of your account, as an administrator. It gives you an overview of the latest incoming and outgoing payments.

  • Keep track of your students’ tuition fee history

Easily view and print tuition fee invoices, for your record. Filter students by outstanding payments and notify them in time.  

  • Create tuition fees for all students enrolled in a school period 
  • Follow up on overdue payments
  • Get a quick overview of your finances

Glance at a summary of your school’s finances, available on your dashboard. Take a glimpse of the number of invoices you have issued over a period of time.

 3. Student Portal

Students are able to login to their profile, where they get access to personalized information, tuition summaries, invoices and payment receipts. In their portal, they’re also able to take action, i.e., submit admission documents, pay their fees, keep tabs on their school activities as a whole.

4. Teachers Portal

By logging into their personal account, teachers are able to view customized information, regarding the classes assigned to them. 

Among other things, they’re able to view student profiles, as well as notes added by admins. 

Actions involve creating gradebooks, entering marks, printing report cards and communicating with students and guardians.

5. Parent Portal

Create digital parent and guardian profile cards, to effectively manage student-related information. Encourage effective parental involvement and engagement, by authorizing parents and/or guardians to access their personalized accounts; thus, releasing admins from the extra workload and nurturing a close and trusting relationship with students’ representatives.

  • Store any additional information you may need, such as “best time to call”, “mail preference”, “work telephone number” etc. that will make the interaction with guardian’s smoother. 

Let both administrators and teachers know who they’ll be interacting with, specifying the relationship type between the guardian and the student. You simply select the suitable option choosing among Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, Stepfather, Stepmother, Uncle, Aunt or Other. 

6. Student Management

Gather all of your student data in one place. Create student profiles and manage a long list of student-related processes, such as admission, performance, and tuition, in a smart way.

          a) Student Registration

Register new students into a school period easily; by creating online student profile, with basic personal information. For existing students, you don’t need to repeat the process; just add existing students from past school periods to the current one, with a few clicks.

          b) Gradebooks

Transfer your gradebooks online. Create different, editable grading periods, with automated calculations (e.g. average per class, etc.) for each one of your courses/classes. Help your teachers create and manage gradebooks for their classes; and allow for students to stay updated regarding their grades, with a quick look at their profile.  

          c) Communication 

Instantly contact students, teachers, parents and guardians, directly from your account. Make the most out of the available pre-made contact lists; and send batch emails to group members, to inform or notify them of important issues. 

          d) Tuition fees

Keep track of tuition fees, payroll, all outstanding payments and monitor your incoming payment history. 

          e) Upload docs and files

Upload and save documents of essential information into student profiles such as birth certificates, previous report cards, student’s medical report, proof of identity, proof or residence; or any other type of information important for student management.   

          f) Add quick notes on student profiles

Add notes to student profile cards, to store additional, easy-to-find information. You can decide whether each note should be visible to a student or teachers — or both — or not.

7. Academic Management

Manage major academic tasks and processes, such as gradebooks, efficiently. Monitor class performance and share performance data with students and parents.

With the Wacheseh Academy Student Information System, you can make performance tracking more efficient, supporting administrators’ and teachers’ productivity. More specifically, you can have easy-to-edit gradebooks for all of your subjects, gathered in one place.