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First Cycle
Form Three Biology
Form Three Citizenship
Form Three Chemistry
Form Three Physics
Form Three Mathematics
Form Three Literature
Form Three Cameroon History
Form Three African History
Form Three French
Form Three Economics
Form Three Geography
Form Three English
Form Four Biology
Form Four Citizenship
Form Four Chemistry
Form Four Physics
Form Four Mathematics
Form Four Literature
Form Four Cameroon History
Form Four African History
Form Four World History
Form Four French
Form Four Economics
Form Four Geography
Form Four English
Form Five Biology
Form Five Citizenship
Form Five Chemistry
Form Five Physics
Form Five Mathematics
Form Five Literature
Form Five Cameroon History
Form Five African History
Form Five World History
Form Five French
Form Five Economics
Form Five Geography
Form Five English

Second Cycle:
Lower Sixth Pure Mathematics
Lower Sixth Math Statistics
Lower Sixth Cameroon History
Lower Sixth African History
Lower Sixth World History
Lower Sixth Microeconomics
Lower Sixth Macroeconomics
Lower Sixth Physical Geography
Lower Sixth Human & Economic Geography
Lower Sixth Map Reading Geography

Companies can host employee training on our e-learning platform

Companies operate in an ever-changing business environment, yet rely on the knowledge their employees obtained from college many years ago to help grow the company.
With the Wacheseh Academy e-learning platform, companies can develop and host new and relevant training that is specific to their business needs.
We support hundreds of companies to onboard training for their employees

University lecturers can host their courses on our e-learning platform

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