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Why will a PhD Defense make headline in Cameroon?

This afternoon, I was going through the news feed on Facebook when I came across something: “Incredible!”

This was the title of the post. I had to stop and read the message attentively, and here’s what I got:

‘25-year-old Nfor Nfor defends PhD thesis in Public Law at the University of Dschang. 

‘His thesis  titled “The prosecution of international crimes committed during internal armed conflicts: The quest for justice and reconciliation in Africa”.’

So, I was wondering what was incredible in the news: was it the topic of defense or the age?

Twenty-five years! It sounds impressive. I just want to believe the “ incredible” was for the age. In that case, the writer would be justified, in my opinion based on the status quo.

And why is it justified when, in reality, 25 is a normal age to grab a Ph.D.?

Well, for many Cameroonians you can’t defend a Ph.D. if you don’t attain some age or soil your hands.

Soil your hands?

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